Effective and comprehensive preparation for standardized tests: SAT, AP, CLEP, TEAS, MCAT, DAT


SAT Subject Test Prep


  SAT Biology E/M

  SAT Chemistry

•  SAT Physics

•  SAT U.S. History

•  SAT World History

Prepare for SAT Biology E/M and SAT Chemistry subject tests using our SAT prep books with content review amd practice questions and detailed explanations.

 Use our online practice tests and practice SAT Biology, Chemistry and Physics questions on your computer.  Learn the material, improve your test-taking skills, generate Diagnostic Reports to identify your strengths.




AP Exam Prep


  AP Biology

  AP Chemistry

•  AP Physics 1

•  AP Physics 2

•  AP U.S. Government and Politics

•  AP Psychology

•  AP World History

•  AP European History


Study for the Advanced Placement exams with our AP prep books that cover topics tested on the new AP exams.


Use online practice tests to practice numerous AP Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1 and Physics 2 topical question sets.  Accelerate your learning and improve your test-taking skills.  Online tests provide Diagnostic Reports to assess your knowledge of topics tested on the AP exam.


CLEP Exam Prep


  CLEP Biology

  CLEP Chemistry


Prepare for the CLEP exam and earn college credit.  Sterling Test Prep offers CLEP prep books that cover the topics tested on these exams.  Use the online CLEP practice tests to master CLEP Biology and CLEP Chemistry topics.  You can learn the material and use the Diagnostic Reports to assess your understanding in different topics tested on CLEP Biology and CLEP Chemistry.






TEAS V Test Prep


Get ready for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) science sections.  Our popular TEAS science prep book with many practice questions will help you achieve higher scores for your application to nursing or allied health program.


Use the additional online practice resources to master the topics tested on TEAS V science sections.  Improve your test taking skills, knowledge of the material and analyze your preparedness for TEAS V through the Diagnostic Reports.




Complete and comprehensive preparation for the MCAT. Our MCAT books cover biology, biochemistry, physics, general and organic chemistry for a higher MCAT score.  


Online MCAT practice tests generate Scaled Scores for Chemical & Physical Foundations and Biological & Biochemical Foundations MCAT test sections.  Detailed Diagnostic Reports help you gauge your level of preparation in each MCAT topic and compare your performance to other test takers.





DAT Test Preparation


Prepare for your Dental Admission Test (DAT) with our popular DAT Biology and General Chemistry books.  The books consist of content review and practice questions that cover the topics tested on the DAT sections.


Use the online practice tests to maximize your performance on the test day by solving numerous DAT practice questions and analyzing your Diagnostic Reports.  By assessing your knowledge of different topics and comparing your performance to that of other test takers, you can optimize your studying to achieve a higher DAT score.